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Air Purification Schaumburg, IL

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Are you concerned about the quality of the air in your home? Then contact us at On the Mark Heating & Air today and ask about air filtration or purification in Schaumburg, IL and the surrounding area!

We’ll send out an indoor air quality expert to your home ASAP. We can assess the air in your home, talk you through possible air filtration and air purification options, then install the one that is right for you. 

Before long, you won’t have to google “air purification system near me” anymore because you’ll have everything you need to breathe clean air at home.

Benefits of Home Air Filtration & Purification

Since you spend so much time in your home, you want to be sure that the air you’re breathing there is clean and free of contamination. If you struggle with any of the items below, home air purification in Schaumburg might be exactly what you need to start thriving at home again:

  • Allergies
  • Other breathing difficulties
  • Frequent infections by viruses or bacteria
  • Skin irritations
  • And more!

Since some types of mold and mildew are dangerous, Schaumburg home air purification can help you avoid these complications. It can also help keep you healthier since many germs will die when exposed to UV light, too.

Air Filters

All of the air that goes through your heater and air conditioner has to pass through your furnace filter. Make sure that filter is doing all it can to protect you by buying one designed to trap and/or kill allergens and other things that can make you sick. Different furnace filters have different ratings. Some will trap more dust and debris. Others will kill bacteria, while others will destroy mold and mildew. A few will do all three. We can help you get one that is perfect for your system, addressing the specific issues you’re having with your indoor air quality.

Air Purifiers

If you have more trouble with the air in certain rooms than others, consider investing in an air filtration system specifically for that room. These come in all shapes and sizes, and they aim to clean the air in a localized space. If your air is especially bad or you live near a construction or industrial zone, they can help get all of that extra dust or those chemical residues out of the air you’re trying to breathe.

UV Light Air Purification

You don’t always have to install a whole air purification system to get the clean air you want. Instead, we can install a UV light air purification apparatus. This subjects all of the air that gets sucked into your home via your HVAC system to UV light, which kills bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and more!

Schaumburg Air Purification Experts

If you’re concerned about air filtration and purification but you’re not sure which solution out there would be right for you, consult with the Schaumburg air purification experts at On the Mark Heating & Air ASAP. We’ll make sure you get the best possible air purification you need to thrive at home. Reach out to us today!

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