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Heating & Air Conditioning Contractors in Inverness

In your search for a trusted and reliable company to handle an HVAC project at your home or business, consider On The Mark Heating and Air. We have almost 10 years of experience helping out property owners in Inverness when they need their heater or AC unit repaired, replaced, or tuned-up. You can feel confident that by hiring our heating contractors and air conditioning experts, everything will be done correctly and we will leave you with a comfort system that is operating optimally. Reach us by calling 847-630-9562

Heating Contractors in Inverness

It doesn’t matter if you have a furnace, air handler, or ductless system, because our team works on all brands and models. Let us know what problem you are having with your heat source and we can be there soon to examine it and figure out how to repair it. If during the consultation we find that it needs to be replaced, we can go over all the options you have for having a new heater installed at your place in Inverness. 

Air Conditioning Contractors

We are also available to service your cooling system if it needs any repairs or maintenance. Our team works fast to find out what is wrong with AC units so that we can restore comfort as soon as possible. Any air conditioners that need to be replaced in Inverness can be swapped out and we will get the new one put in and connected.

Offering Indoor Air Quality Services

The team at On The Mark Heating and Air can also assist with getting indoor air quality devices installed at your property. We have a line of air purifiers and cleaners, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, ventilators, carbon monoxide detectors, and more, that work to take the toxins and pollutants out of the air that’ blown around your space by the HVAC system.

Inverness’s Top HVAC Contractors

If you need a professional to work on your heating or AC system in Inverness, On The Mark Heating and Air is the company to call. Our staff of licensed and insured heating contractors and air conditioning contractors would be glad to assist in creating comfortable conditions at your place. Reach out to us today!

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