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Premium Water Heaters in Hoffman Estate, IL

Water heaters are essential in most homes, bringing in hot water for both household use and bathing needs. With their simple installation and durable designs, water heaters are almost an instant necessity. However, in case your water heater has seen better days or doesn’t meet your household’s needs, it’s best to replace it sooner than later. If you think your water heater has passed its prime, On The Mark Heating and Air is here to help you.

The dedicated and experienced team here at On The Mark Heating and Air can handle any kind of water heater replacement job, no matter how big or small. We take great pride in the quality of our services, which will ensure the reliable and effective installation of any kind of water heater. Whether it’s a tankless or tank-based heater, we offer same-day installation services and always leave a clean work area behind.

Who Are We – On The Mark Heating & Air?

On The Mark Heating and Air has established itself as a leading company in highly specialized water heater installation, servicing, and replacement. We deliver professional water heater installation and are leaders in the water heater industry since our inception in the early ’90s. Indeed, On The Mark Heating and Air has revolutionized the water heater industry throughout the years, inspiring and motivating many companies to follow suit. Working on a very unique and personal level with each client, we excel at resolving any problems with all water heater technology that you may have. Bringing innovation at its finest, we are committed to delivering renowned water heater replacement along with friendly professional service that you will truly appreciate.

Our Professional Water Heater Services

We’ve designed our service to provide personalized and efficient water heater installation and replacement for houses and businesses operating in Chicago.

Our company has always believed in exceeding expectations and meeting challenges head-on. In a friendly yet professional environment, we strive to make our clients pleased. We fully believe in the importance of providing high-quality water heater installation and replacement in the Chicago Ridge area at a competitive rate. And thus, we are continuously striving to achieve a reputation for excellence in every aspect of the water heater industry by training our engineers and technicians in the finest water heater installation techniques.

To assist you in selecting the right water heater, we also offer free water heater consultation and supervision prior to the actual installation of the water heater is done. We care about our clients here at On The Mark Heating and Air and want to ensure that you are completely satisfied with every aspect of the service we provide.

Tank Water Heating Services

Tank water heaters are perfect for residential use, for they boast the ability to store anywhere between 20 and 80 gallons. Typically installed in the basement or garage, tank heaters are best for households who plan on utilizing a good deal of hot water. They use a combination of gas and electricity, making continuous hot water circulation hassle-free. Furthermore, tank water heaters are easy to install and maintain, and with our extensive experience, we’ll make sure our installation meets the highest standards of quality.

Tankless Water Heating Services

If you are an eco-conscious homeowner who is willing to invest the money for quality, tankless water heaters are your best bet. The latest tankless water heaters increase customer satisfaction in the home by saving water and being easy to live with. Even with the added luxuries of a spa and a lot of room for body sprays and showerheads, customers won’t run out of hot water again. Meant to conserve water, this water heating system makes conservation and saving easier.

Often considered the most sustainable choice for hot water systems, tankless gas water heaters are becoming more and more popular. Not only do they eliminate the need for tanks, but they also provide instantaneous hot water for all of the showers, baths, and kitchen faucets in your home.

Whether your tankless water heater needs new installation or if it’s time to replace an older one, we are the company to contact. Unlike other companies in the area, we offer free basic estimates based on your input as to the type of tankless water heater you want. Contact On The Mark Heating and Air to schedule an appointment with an expert who can recommend a water heater suited for your household.

Water Heater Repair

If your water heater has stopped working, it’s leaking, or it’s making unusual noises, contact us right away for water heater repair in Schaumburg and the surrounding areas. All of these are signs that your water heater needs some professional TLC in order to keep running well for you. 

If you’re having trouble with the temperature of your water, first check the temperature setting on the water heater itself. If it has been bumped or changed, try putting it back where you want it, then see if the water heats up. You may have fixed your own problem!

Water Heater Replacement

Since water heaters are relatively inexpensive appliances, we’ll let you know if we think you’d be better off replacing your unit rather than repairing it. If you do choose water heater replacement in Schaumburg and the surrounding areas, we’ll make sure you get a new water heater that will meet all of your needs and that comes from a reliable manufacturer. 

Water Heater Installation

We can handle your water heater installation whether you purchase the heater from us or not. We can also put in a tankless water heater system for you and your family. We’ll test your newly-installed water heater before we leave so we can be sure it works the way it was designed to. 

Water Heater Maintenance

Maintaining your water heater can help it last longer and give you more hot water as long as it’s around. Contact us today to ask about water heater maintenance in Schaumburg and the surrounding areas. We’ll let you know if we find any problem and get them fixed fast. 

Call us at On The Mark Heating and Air whenever you need help with water heaters in Schaumburg and the surrounding areas. Make your appointment with one of our skilled technicians today!

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