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Indoor Air Quality Testing Schaumburg, IL

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Are you concerned about the quality of the air you’re breathing in your home or business? Do you wish you could have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re breathing clean air but you’re not sure how to get it?

If these describe you, then you’ve come to the right company. At On The Mark Heating & Air, we can help you get the air quality testing in Schaumburg and the surrounding areas that you need to make wise decisions for yourself, your family, and your employees or tenants.

Give us a call to schedule your Schaumburg air quality testing today!

The Benefits of Air Quality Testing

Some people aren’t sure if air quality testing is something they want to invest in. Here are just a few of the reasons why many of our clients choose to have us perform this service: 

  • Peace of mind. Whether you find out that your air is clean or you mitigate to get it that way, you’ll end up knowing for sure that you aren’t breathing in anything that might harm you.
  • Solve allergy and asthma problems. If you are sicker at home than you are anywhere else, testing your indoor air quality can get you feeling better. 
  • Remove hidden hazards. You may not feel sick now, but some particulates can make you ill later. Remove them now to stay well.

Our Testing Procedures

When you give us a call about air quality testing in Schaumburg and the surrounding areas, we’ll get you an appointment with one of our air quality experts. Your expert will arrive on time and talk to you about what the testing involves. 

If you agree to the testing, your expert will get started. Our on-site testing services will not only let you know if your air is influenced by the following pollutants but will give you the concentration levels for each one!

We can find:

  • Mold
  • Pollen
  • Dust Mites
  • Skin Cells
  • Insect Parts
  • Fibers (such as fiberglass)

Once we know what is in your air, we can talk to you about possible mitigation strategies, if any are needed. There are a number of ways to improve indoor air quality and we can help you implement all of them!

Schaumburg IAQ Testing Experts

Stop worrying about your indoor air quality and do something about it! Contact us to go over options to test and improve the air you breathe at home.

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