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new heat pump in schaumburg

What are Heat Pumps?

Did you know that it’s cheaper to use a heat pump right now than it is to use a furnace to heat your home? It’s … [Read More]

changing air filter as part of furnace maintenance

The Benefits of Furnace Maintenance

Did you know that calling in one of our Schaumburg HVAC technicians for heating maintenance can help you stay warmer and save money this winter? … [Read More]

furnace maintenance coupon

Early Bird Pre-Season Furnace Tune Up Special

Sure, it’s hot outside today, but what about tomorrow? By the end of October, most people are using their furnaces regularly, if not daily. This … [Read More]

woman fanning herself because upstairs hotter than downstairs

What To Do When It’s Hotter Upstairs Than It Is Downstairs

Is your upstairs hotter than your downstairs? Do you keep asking yourself, “Why is it hotter upstairs than downstairs?” but you can’t find the answers … [Read More]

person cleaning outdoor ac unit in schaumburg il

How to Clean an Air Conditioner

Did you know that cleaning out your air conditioner before you use it can help it run efficiently and can even help you avoid costly … [Read More]

smiling woman breathing clean air at home

4 Reasons to Get Your Indoor Air Quality Checked

Do you know if the air you’re breathing inside your home is clean? Most people don’t think about their indoor air quality until something triggers … [Read More]

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