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Heating Maintenance Schaumburg, IL

We rely on our heaters to keep us warm and get us through the coldest nights. However heaters can fail or breakdown forcing homeowners to pay costly heating repair in Schaumburg or even a heater replacement. The best way to avoid situations like these is with regular heating maintenance in Schaumburg, IL!

Leave the maintenance to On the Mark Heating & Air by scheduling a yearly heater tune up. Give us a call today for heating maintenance in Schaumburg, IL or the surrounding area!

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The Benefits of Heating Maintenance

Heating maintenance in Schaumburg, IL has many benefits, some of which you may not have thought of before. Maintaining your heating system will:

  • Improve your energy usage. When your heating system is working at maximum efficiency, it won’t use as much energy.
  • Save you money. If your system isn’t working as hard, you won’t have to pay as much in energy costs. Many customers find that what they save by having their heater maintained more than pays for the cost of a heater tune-up.
  • Avoid costly repairs. Routine heating maintenance makes it possible to find problems early, before they potentially become serious issues, requiring costly repair or even replacement.
  • Longer replacement time between heating units. When your heater is working as efficiently as possible, it will experience less wear and tear, which means that it’s more likely to last longer.

If these benefits appeal to you, call us today to schedule your heating maintenance in Schaumburg. We’ll send out an experienced heating technician soon to test your heater and get it running well.

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Our Heating Maintenance Process

Every time we do heating maintenance in Schaumburg, IL or the surrounding area, we’ll go through the following steps. We hope we leave you feeling sure that your heater will keep you warm this winter!

  1. We’ll visually inspect your heating system. This involves looking over your heater, along with any ducts, wires and gas lines that we can see, and more.
  2. We’ll replace any filters you have. Some systems have one, others have several, and others have even more. We’ll find them and replace them if they need it.
  3. We’ll clean out your system. Most heating systems have places where dust and debris can collect. This can make it harder for the system to work because it has to push or pull all the air through extra layers. We’ll remove them so your system can work efficiently again.
  4. We’ll test every component. If we find something that isn’t working up to the manufacturer’s specifications, we’ll replace it or repair it so your heating system can work optimally.

If you’re looking to save time and money, On the Mark Heating & Air offers a Comfort Club Maintenance Plan available in monthly or yearly memberships.

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Need Heating Work Without Breaking Your Budget?

Financing Options

Need Heating Work Without Breaking Your Budget?

Financing Options

Do I need regular heating maintenance in Schaumburg?

Many homeowners believe that they only need to get their heater looked at if it’s having frequent problems or if it malfunctions regularly and repeatedly. However, regular heater maintenance is key to keeping your heater in tip-top shape. Learn more about how heater maintenance in Schaumburg can help prevent heating problems here!

What are the benefits of heater maintenance?

Regular heater maintenance in Schaumburg, IL can help you stay warmer and save money this winter? Learn about the many other benefits of heater maintenance here!

How do I change my filter, and how often should I change it?

Heater repair in Schaumburg, IL can be stressful, and you may not be sure what is going on with your heater. There are various types of problems which can occur in heaters such as a dirty filter, dirty flame sensor or something a little more involved such as a blower motor, control board or lack of airflow. Here are some common heater problems we see, as well as some ideas to help get your heater up and running again or prevent a breakdown in the future.

How can I prepare my heater for winter?

Not sure when to turn on your heater or need a reminder (since it’s been a good 6 months)? Learn more about Schaumburg heating maintenance and other steps to take to make sure your heater is ready for cooler Chicago weather.

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Schaumburg Heating Tune-ups You Can Trust

When it comes to heating maintenance in Schaumburg, the skilled HVAC technicians at On the Mark Heating & Air are as good as they come. Schedule your maintenance today or call us before you plan to turn on your heater for the winter. We’ll make sure everything is in working order so you don’t have to worry about heating outages or other problems when winter blows in.