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Prep your home for Summer vacation

You are about to take off on a much needed summer vacation (woohoo!), but before you go, you might be wondering how to prep your home for Summer vacation. Some common questions from homeowners are: what temperature should I set my AC to while I’m on vacation? Can I save money on utilities while I’m awhile? How do I keep my house safe while I’m away for a long period of time?

You are in luck! We have answers to all these common questions to prep your home for summer vacation.  Follow these tips to prep your HVAC system, save money while you’re away and have peace of mind knowing your home is safe. You can also feel free to give us a call with any HVAC questions you have!

Tip #1: Leave Your Air Conditioner ON

While your initial thought may be to turn off your AC while you are away, this isn’t always the best option. Your home will benefit by keeping your AC on and setting it at the same temperature for the entire duration of your trip. Maintaining a constant temperature will allow your HVAC system to utilize less energy. We suggest setting your temperature between 80-85 degrees. The benefits of keeping your AC on while you are away:

  • Keeps humidity low preventing excess moisture
  • Consistent temperatures protect major appliances, wood floors and furniture
  • Protects your home against drastic outside temperature changes (think heat wave…yikes!)

Bonus tip: To help keep costs down and your home cool, close your curtains and check for any openings in windows/doors that could let out cool air, prior to your departure. 

Check out our blog post, Your Home’s Humidity to learn more about appropriate humidity levels in your home.

Tip #2: Consider Your Home’s Safety

Just because you are away from your home for an extended period of time, doesn’t mean you want it to look like you are. According to State Farm, “July and August are popular vacation months, and not surprisingly, they’re also the months when home burglaries peak.”

No matter when you are taking your trip this summer, follow these tips to decrease the chances of any unwanted guests. Enjoy your vacation with peace of mind by following these safety tips:

  • Mow your lawn right before you leave
  • Hold your mail if you plan to be gone for a long period of time
  • Set automatic timers on your lights throughout your home in staggered intervals
  • Lock up! Check you doors, windows and garage to ensure they are secure
  • Avoid posting on social media that you are leaving on a trip

Tip #3: Save Money

Why pay for something you aren’t using? Since you are not actively using certain items and utilities in your home, why not make some adjustments to save some money!

  • Set your water heater to vacation mode
  • Shut off your water and/or check all your faucets and toilets to ensure they are not dripping or running
  • Unplug electronics like your TV, coffee maker, lamps, etc. to prevent the use of standby power or vampire draw
  • Close blinds or drapes to keep your house cool

If you have any questions about prepping your home before you head out for summer vacation or would like to schedule an AC precision tune up, reach out to us today!

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