How Do You Know If You Need Freon in Your Air Conditioner?

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If your AC isn’t running like it used to or cooling properly, the answer could point to a problem with your Freon. It’s likely you have a leak or other problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Trying to fix it yourself is tempting, but just adding Freon isn’t usually the answer and can lead to costly repair bills.

Continue reading for some questions to assess whether or not you have a Freon-related issue.

Of course, you’re always more than welcome to call our Schaumburg air conditioning experts if you have any questions or need help!

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Does the Compressor Fan Run Continuously?

An AC fan that runs nonstop probably means your unit isn’t reaching its set temperature. It could be a sign you need more Freon to reach desired cooling, but it’s also possible that the temperatures outdoors spiked, and your AC is working hard to cool your home and running the fan more than usual. A dirty or blocked condenser unit could also be the issue. You won’t know until you call a Schaumburg AC repair expert and just adding Freon could aggravate the real problem.

Do You Have Unpredictable Cooling Patterns?

Uneven cooling patterns in your home are a sign there’s something wrong with your AC. Too much Freon could be the issue, or you may have a problem with insufficient insulation or blocked vents preventing the cool air from circulating correctly. If you want to try to resolve the problem, consider replacing the air filters, but do not try to handle Freon yourself.

Do You See Any Ice on the Evaporator Coil?

If you can view the evaporator coil of your unit, you may be able to see ice building on it. Or you may notice water collecting around your HVAC, which could be a sign your coil froze and then defrosted. The unit’s refrigerant temperatures may also be dropping too low from a lack of airflow from dirty air filters or ductwork problems. Whatever the reason, adding more Freon by yourself could damage your unit and won’t fix the problem.

Is Your AC Unit Turning Off and On for No Reason?

Short cycling is a common problem with AC units. If your unit turns off and on repeatedly, it’s likely due to a dirty, damaged, or failing electrical or mechanical problem. Adding Freon won’t help the problem and can lead to additional expenses. Instead, call the experts at On the Mark to resolve this as quickly as possible.

Did Your Energy Bills Suddenly Skyrocket?

A sudden spike in your power bills could indicate an issue with your air conditioning unit. If you find yourself cranking the temperature in your house down to get it to cool down efficiently, you may have a Freon problem. Look at your bills from the same month last year to see if there’s a big difference.

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When your air conditioner doesn’t work right, you can’t enjoy your home. Being too hot impacts everything from productivity to sleep and your energy levels. Beyond your comfort, an inefficient AC could also lead to spiraling repair bills if you let the problem go for too long.

Call an experienced HVAC contractor in Schaumburg, IL or beyond from On the Mark to assess the issue, make repairs, and add Freon to your unit as needed. Contact us to schedule an estimate or repair today!

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