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What are Heat Pumps?

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Did you know that it’s cheaper to use a heat pump right now than it is to use a furnace to heat your home? It’s true!

Nicor Gas has recently increased their prices significantly. Because of this, heat pumps are cheaper, at least until it gets down to about 30 degrees outside. We can set up a system that will switch to your furnace at that point, so you’ll always be warm enough and you won’t have to pay such exorbitant prices.

Many people in our area don’t know much about heat pumps because they haven’t been popular. With this price change, though, heat pumps are situated to make a comeback. Learn more by reading below, then call the Schaumburg HVAC experts at On the Mark to get your heat pump installation today!

How Does a Heat Pump Heat and Cool?

Heat pumps do heat and cool, but they don’t create either heat or cold air.

When it comes to heating, heat pumps absorb air and basically remove the heat from it, then circulate that into your home.

When they cool, heat pumps absorb heat from inside your home and force it outside.

Because they aren’t actively creating hot or cold air, heat pumps often don’t use as much energy as traditional heating and air conditioning systems.

When are Heat Pumps Best?

Heat pumps work best in milder climates or as parts of comprehensive HVAC systems that also include an air conditioner and/or a furnace. The great thing about heat pumps is that you can set them to work until it hits a certain temperature, then pass the heating or cooling over to the other parts of the system.

This is called a dual-fuel system and they can save you quite a bit of money on heating and cooling costs. This is especially true when companies like Nicor are having to raise prices, due to the increased price of oil and an increased demand for their products.

Help from Schaumburg Heat Pump Pros!

To learn more about heat pumps and to find out whether one might work in your home, contact us at On the Mark today. We can come out and assess your home, then talk you through all of your options. When you decide what you want and need, we can come perform your installation and get your new heat pump working fast. Call today to save money on your heating this winter!

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