4 Reasons to Get Your Indoor Air Quality Checked

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4 Reasons to Get Your Indoor Air Quality Checked

Is Your Air Clean? Do you know if the air you’re breathing inside your home is clean? Most people don’t think about their Schaumburg indoor air quality until something triggers them to check it or looking into whether it can be a problem. While there may be nothing wrong, you won’t know until you get … [Read More]

Improve Home Air Quality During Flu Season

In addition to COVID-19, flu season has started, so it is increasingly important to ensure you and your family stay healthy this season. We’ve all heard the suggestions from the CDC to help combat both COVID-19 and the flu, such as frequently washing your hands, wearing a mask and staying home if you have flu like symptoms. However, many people don’t think about their HVAC system as a way to help combat viruses … [Read More]

Ideal Indoor Humidity

Finding the ideal indoor humidity level is essential to your overall home comfort needs. Installing a whole home humidifier is one great way to set your ideal indoor humidity. Whole home humidifiers combat dryness, help with those suffering from asthma or allergies, and preserve your wood floors and furnishings. Let’s start with the basics and … [Read More]

All About Air Filters

Ah filters, the small but mighty protector of your home’s air! Air filters have an important job even though it might not seem like it. We’ll help answer some of the basic questions about air filters and help you determine which filter is best for your system. Which is it: Air filter, Furnace filter or … [Read More]

The Rundown on Indoor Air Quality

Since the development of COVID-19, you may have heard more about indoor air quality or IAQ products, but aren’t exactly sure what indoor air quality is all about. Don’t worry; On the Mark Heating & Air is here to help! Just give our Schaumburg HVAC experts a call or keep reading to learn about some … [Read More]

Everything You Need to Know About Your Furnace Air Filter

Most people who have a furnace in Schaumburg, IL know about furnace air filters. In fact, some of you may be sick and tired of hearing about them! However, our Schaumburg HVAC pros keep talking about them because they are one of the most important factors in how your furnace and AC functions. Why is … [Read More]

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